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Your sweet team of travel experts, ready to support your flight needs!

The Flight Sugar Travel Desk provides sweet travel support for all of your flight needs. We know that searching for the best flights can be a daunting task. Our Sweet Travel Support team are experts and understand that booking air is more than a flight itinerary and a price. We make sure connection times, seat availability, cabin class, airline alliance, frequent flyer programs, baggage needs, meal preference, and other requests are never overlooked. Whether you are going on a Tanzania wildlife safari, trekking in the Swiss Alps, or exploring the wonder of Yellowstone National Park, our team is ready to be a part of your travel experience. Traveling the world can be inspiring and life-changing, we make getting there a seamless step in the journey!


We are excited to hear from you! Please complete the contact form below to start your journey. Want to talk now? Call us at (800)‌ ‌763-0909‌.

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